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September 2018 Issue of KAS Monthly to Feature Profile of Circuit Judge Gregory A. Lay

Circuit Judge Gregory A. Lay of the 27th Judicial Circuit (Knox and Laurel counties) will be the subject of the sixth installment of Kentucky Appellate Survey Monthly’s ongoing “Judicial Focus” series. An extensive interview with Judge Lay will be featured in the September 2018 issue of KAS Monthly.

“The Judicial Focus Series brings the bench and bar closer together by providing practitioners with important insights on the unique perspectives, preferences, and experiences of Kentucky’s judges,” said Managing Editor Edward M. O’Brien and Executive Editor Nicholas E. Whitt. “We are grateful to Judge Lay for his willingness to participate in this series.”

Judge Lay follows former Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Mary Noble, Circuit Judge David A. Tapp of the 28th Judicial Circuit, Kentucky Court of Appeals Judge Denise Clayton of Louisville, Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Ann Bailey Smith, and Circuit Judge James T. Jameson (Calloway and Marshall counties) as a subject of the series.

Judge Lay has served as Circuit Judge for Division I of the 27th Judicial Circuit, Knox and Laurel Counties, since August 2004 when he was appointed to that position by the Governor. Judge Lay won election to the position in November 2004, and he currently serves as Chief Circuit Judge of the 27th Judicial Circuit.

Judge Lay is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a political science degree. He received his Juris Doctor from the University of Kentucky in 1990. From 1990-2004 Judge Lay maintained a private law practice as a civil trial attorney at Hamm, Milby & Ridings in London, KY. He also served as Assistant Laurel County Attorney from 1992-1998, and Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney from 1998-2004.

Judge Lay was appointed by the Chief Justice to serve on the Kentucky Bar Association Inquiry Commission in 2002, where he served until his appointment as circuit judge in 2004. He was appointed by the Chief Justice as Vice-Chief Regional Judge of the Cumberland Region in 2011. Judge Lay also serves on the following committees: eCourts Program Management Committee (2013- present) and the Kentucky Civil Justice Reform Committee (2018-present).

(Photo Credit: Judge Gregory A. Lay)

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