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O’Brien Whitt Publishing, LLC, was founded in January 2014 by Edward M. O’Brien and Nicholas E. Whitt. The company’s mission is to publish quality content for use by attorneys, law clerks, judges, educators, government officials, policymakers, activists, and members of the public. The content published by O’Brien Whitt Publishing serves not only as a critical starting point for research on complex issues of law and policy, but by presenting content in a readable, concise, and practical way, is an indispensable resource for readers looking to keep up with the latest developments in those areas of greatest interest to them.

O’Brien Whitt Publishing strives to deliver these vital services to our customers in a cost-effective way, mindful of both the desirability and necessity among law firms large and small (and their clients), solo practitioners, government agencies, businesses, and others to keep costs down. O’Brien Whitt Publishing is unique in that we focus on delivering maximum quality and quantity of content at a minimum cost.

The annual edition of Kentucky Appellate Survey covers each and every appellate court decision from the Kentucky Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Kentucky. Launched in 2014, Kentucky Appellate Survey not only summarizes and analyzes, but contextualizes, the opinions and orders issued by Kentucky’s appellate courts in each year. The first three annual editions of the publication covered more than 4,200 opinions.

KAS Monthly provides timely coverage of appellate court decisions and is typically published within the first full week of each month. The publication also covers news and major developments in Kentucky's legal community and features interviews with and profiles of Kentucky's judges as part of the recently launched "Judicial Focus" series. Additionally, as a public service, KAS Monthly is distributed to each and every judge in the Commonwealth, making it a must-read for all Kentucky attorneys. Since launching in February 2015, KAS Monthly has covered more than 3,200 judicial opinions. 

O'Brien Whitt Publishing Launch Party, May 2014 at the Louisville Bar Association

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