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Kentucky Appellate 

Survey Monthly

Launched in February 2015, Kentucky Appellate Survey Monthly, a monthly e-book, summarizes and reports on all decisions of the Supreme Court of Kentucky and the Kentucky Court of Appeals, both published and unpublished. 

KAS Monthly provides timely coverage of appellate court decisions and is typically published within the first full week of each month. The publication also covers news and major developments in Kentucky's legal community and features interviews with and profiles of Kentucky's judges as part of the recently launched "Judicial Focus" series. The first three installments of this series have featured interviews with former Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Mary C. Noble, Circuit Court Judge David A. Tapp, and Kentucky Court of Appeals Denise G. Clayton. 


Additionally, as a public service, KAS Monthly is distributed to each and every judge in the Commonwealth, making it a must-read for all Kentucky attorneys. Since launching in February 2015, KAS Monthly has covered more than 6,500 judicial opinions. 

KAS Monthly is released in PDF format and is emailed to each subscriber.

Kentucky's Most Comprehensive Appellate Survey!

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