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  • To help readers stay apprised of recent developments in the law; and

  • To provide members of the bar with a cost-effective, quality starting point in conducting legal research



  • Broken down into broad topic areas, and further divided into subtopics (e.g., Criminal Law & Procedure, Miranda).

  • Detailed case summaries and analysis will provide and explore the factual and procedural history, the holdings, the major rules of law, and the practical implications of each case.

  • Topical index will help the reader quickly and easily navigate the book.


  • Comprehensiveness – Surveys the entire appellate landscape.

  • Depth – Provides the reader with the necessary information and rules from each case.

  • Contextualization – Supplies the reader with a clear picture of the major developments in each area of law.

  • Value – Nowhere is this much information available for this low a cost. 

Kentucky's Most Comprehensive Appellate Survey!

Available in Print & PDF!

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