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Kentucky Appellate
Survey Monthly

Jan 2021 Issue Front Cover Picture.png

Published monthly, KAS Monthly summarizes the previous month's appellate opinions and news.

Welcome to the official website of the Kentucky Appellate Survey Monthly. Our publication covers each and every one of the nearly 1,400 opinions and orders, published and unpublished, released by the Kentucky Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Kentucky annually. 


KAS Monthly provides timely coverage of appellate court decisions and is typically published within the first full week of each month. The publication also covers news and major developments in Kentucky's legal community and in select months features interviews with and profiles of Kentucky's judges as part of our "Judicial Focus" series. Additionally, as a public service, KAS Monthly is distributed to each and every judge in the Commonwealth, making it a must-read for all Kentucky attorneys. Since launching in February 2015, KAS Monthly has covered more than 6,500 judicial opinions. 

KAS Monthly offers readers the comprehensiveness, depth, and context that any good legal resource should. KAS Monthly is the only resource currently available to the bench and bar that not only comprehensively survey the appellate landscape, but also contextualize the frequent changes in that landscape. The publication is a vital starting point for any legal researcher in Kentucky and an indispensable and cost-effective resource that we are excited to bring to Kentucky's legal community. 

Edward M. O'Brien

Managing Editor

Nicholas E. Whitt 

Executive Editor

Recent News & Updates


"While I was at the University of Kentucky College of Law, there were four faculty members that were devout readers of the Kentucky Appellate Survey Monthly. As a librarian, it was a great tool to be able to provide to active thinkers, scholars, and lawyers. The KASM gives a reader a quick overview of what is happening in the Kentucky courts, with the time-saving feature of organizing the judicial opinions by subject.” 

- Franklin Runge, Washington and Lee University

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